Gabriel & Co

Over the past 30 years Gabriel & Co. has become more than just our brand name. The & ampersand in the center of our name defines why we exist and led us to our manifesto. As we trust in the power and positive energy of the &, we hope you feel this every time you are in touch with us or one of our trusted retail partners. We love what we do & we do it all for You.

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Engagement rings are symbols of the love, devotion, and fidelity a couple shares. The very shape and design of the ring, however, has additional symbolism that many couples incorporate when they design a ring or select the perfect ring to represent their relationship.


Sterling Silver

Sterling silver jewelry can make a bold statement and help express your personality. Be daring with inventive designs that show off your style.



Stacking bracelets is an easy way to change up your style from day to day. Put your own twist on this trend, and let the fun begin!



Jack Mason was founded in Dallas, Texas by a pair of friends who shared a passion for making best in class product. With over 25 years of combined experience in the retail industry, the duo decided to finally take the leap and establish their own brand. As an independent brand, we have now made it our mission to support other local designers and brands by offering a selection of handpicked goods, in addition to our product line. 

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