Daisy Cut

Facet's arranged like a flower, a Daisy! 
If a natural mined diamond reveals the mystery and wonders of Earth, a lab-grown diamond reveals the mystery and wonders of human capability and ingenuity.
All diamonds, whether they originate in the ground or in a laboratory, are made of carbon that’s been compressed under tremendous heat and pressure until it becomes the clear crystalline substance we know as diamond. In the ground, this process takes millions of years, and many tons of earth must be moved to find even one single carat of diamond. 
         In a lab, this process has been replicated and sped up by a few million years. Carbon “seeds” are placed in a reactor and subjected to intense heat and pressure until a diamond is formed. This process happens over the course of weeks, not millennia. While not rare, the resulting stones are physically, chemically, and optically identical to mined diamonds, and more importantly, are just as beautiful as any found in the earth. Learn more about the diamond-growing process here.
              Daisy Cut                   Conventional              
From this point on, the process of creating a beautiful jewel is the same. Skilled cutters turn the rough carbon crystal into a brilliant, scintillating stone. Like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds rely on a specific arrangement of facets to maximize light return and give the stone maximum sparkle. The larger flashes of color are called fire/brightness and together are scintillation. Learn here
Cutting any diamond is a blend of both art and science. At Fakiér Jewelers, our brand-new Daisy Cut™ boosts light reflection in our lab-grown diamonds the same way our patented Momenti di Luce™ cut does for natural diamonds. The Daisy Cut boasts larger facets than standard cuts, giving these beautiful stones even more light return and better sparkle.
The Daisy Cut lab-grown diamond comes in round, oval, radiant, cushion, princess, marquise, and heart shapes. And like our famed Momenti di Luce, the Daisy Cut is unique for each customer. You decide how big, what color, what shape, and what clarity you want your diamond to be, and we will cut it to order so that it’s truly one of a kind, just for you. Most people didn’t even realize this was possible—and at most jewelry stores, it isn’t. But our diamitaire Joseph Klein makes it possible for us and for you. Learn 4c's here.