Momenti Di Luce

Italian for "Moment of Light"

A diamond’s cut is what makes it sparkle. Not to be confused with shape (i.e. round, princess, marquise, and so forth), cut refers to the symmetry and proportions of the stone’s facets, reflecting light back as brilliance. A well-cut diamond will flash all the colors of the spectrum.
Diamond cutting is both art and science. Round diamonds, for example, typically have 58 facets arranged in a standard pattern. But every diamond is unique, so the facets often need minute adjustments—or even some re-cutting—to coax the maximum beauty from each stone. 
16 larger combinations of diamond shape facets on MDL
The uniquely designed facets of the Momenti di Luce diamond have approximately 30% better light return than standard faceting. Conventional diamond cuts have smaller facets than the Momenti di Luce. These smaller facets disperse less light, impacting the stone’s fire/brightness, brilliance and scintillation, or “fire and flash.” Learn here
Colorful internal fire/brightness                 External white reflections
To better understand the concept, grab a mirror of any size and shine the reflection on a wall or ceiling. The reflection you see is 100% of the surface area of the mirror. Now, cover part of the mirror and see how the reflection decreases. Now imagine how smaller facets reflect less light from a diamond.
But by creating two different kinds of larger diamond-shaped facets, Momenti di Luce cutters allow a larger amount of light to enter the diamond and be reflected out. This generates significantly bigger and brighter “fire and flash.”
The Momenti di Luce’s bezel facet is 23% larger than a conventional round diamond, and its comet facet is 38% larger. These facets are arranged in the shape of a beautiful star pattern. As more light enters, breaks up, and exits the diamond, it creates a well-defined spectra of colored light fire and dispersion, noticeable from a distance.
 But the Momenti di Luce isn’t just beautiful. It’s uniquely your own. Every diamond in Fakiér Jewelers’ Momenti di Luce™ collection allows you to decide its final size, color, and clarity. Our cutters add the special faceting only after you’ve picked your stone, so each one is a custom diamond created just for you!