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It's more than 58 facets. More than the enjoyable light show, intriguing to the view. Masterpieces of larger facets flicker spectral colors that intrigue our imagination. It's a testament to the old, an invitation to create what moves you and becomes an epic heirloom made just for her. 
It's the Momenti di Luce and Daisy Cut 


 The ‘Cut My Diamond’ Process

What does “Cut My Diamond” mean?
It means your fiancé or loved one will have a diamond cut specifically for them.
Our signature Momenti di Luce and Daisy Cut diamonds are custom-cut for each customer. Most people don’t realize we cut their diamond just for them, because it's creating a masterpiece that nobody else can . Our uniquely designed facets return up to 30% more light than standard faceting, making your diamond a one-of-a-kind heirloom to represent your love. Learn more about our special cuts Momenti di Luce and Daisy Cut

How does the process work?

At Fakiér, you commission us to cut a diamond just for your fiancé or your loved one—or even to treat yourself. Here’s how.


First, we identify the diamond you want to give. You’ll make all the decisions about the color, the clarity, the size, and when you need it. We’ll go through the different options for your budget, including a natural or lab-grown diamond. Learn more about the 4 c's here and GIA


Once you’ve chosen all the parameters, we call our diamantaire, Yossi, in New York City to go find the right stone. Not just your “ordinary Joe,” our Yossi has been involved with much more than cutting diamonds for 38 years. His expertise of rough buying, planning the cutting of the rough diamond has him a step ahead. He has connections all over New York’s Diamond District, as well as in major diamond centers around the world. He will find your special stone, and then he’s going to cut it only one way: the best way.


Typically, it takes Yossi one or two days to locate the right material to fit your parameters. We call you to explain what it looks like and what we expect it to weigh after cutting. You can approve, or ask us to find some other choices. Once you approve, we secure it as yours and proceed to cut it.

Once a diamond is cut, it is certified* by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and sent to our store to be set in your ring of choice.


Our Three Promises:


1) This is going to be an exciting process. At Fakiér, we are focused on helping you find exactly what you’re looking for. We aren’t here to sell you what we want you to buy. We just want you to feel proud to put the ring on her finger, and for her to love it.


2) The process will always be done person-to-person. You will always speak to a Fakiér diamond expert, not an automated bot. Whether you come into the store or we talk on the phone or over video conference, there always will be a live person helping you and answering your questions.


3) She’s going to love her diamond! We know the very best combinations of crown to pavilion angles to give the diamond its best fire and brilliance, and we only cut it the best way. If it’s not the best way, we don’t cut that diamond. That’s how we can guarantee she will love it and be proud to say “He Cut My Diamond!”


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 *Unless it’s a rush situation, as GIA certification takes a few weeks. Should you need the diamond in a hurry, we can discuss options for certification.